Stand alone working fine, doingResponse is not defined in pavlova

URL of experiment: GitHub - RSMcHugh/corsiblx

Description of the problem: Modified a corsi blocks experiment sent from another user for use on Pavlova. It runs fine on stand alone, however errors of “doingResponse not defined” and “currBlock not defined”. I have updated JS as I read this could help, but unfortunately it has not. Most likely something very obvious, but cant see the wood through the trees

doingResponse and currBlock are not variables that are built into our library, so I guess they are defined somewhere in the code. To get started with debugging, this experiment might provide some nice pointers: Thomas Pronk / assignment_stroop · GitLab

Try adding
doingResponse = ’ ’
currBlock = 0
in a Begin Experiment code block

Thank you for your support. I have done this and it is still encountering the same issue. I’ve seen from previous posts that this has normally worked very well.

In that case, please could you show screenshots of where you define those two variables (both in Begin Experiment – hopefully not in a routine within a loop) and where you set them to the values you want.

I’m interested to know how you are getting errors for both of them. The experiment should fail when it hits the first error.