XX is not defined

Hi :slight_smile:

I have problem with my on-line experiment.
I have this error…

…that refers to this code :

This code works in PsychoPy (in python version) but not on pavlovia (with JS version) and I don’t understand why.

The goal of the code is to have the name of food under the pictures.
I have two picture per trials and I need to completly random the trials.

My excel file:

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem?

Thanks !

Your code components should be Auto not Py if you want to run online

You need to create all variables which are first assigned within loops or conditional clauses, in addition to the three you’ve mentioned.

Yes, I did set auto JS (on the screenshots it’s not the case).

I don’t understand the second part, I need to have another code ?

Thanks for your reply

If a variable is not defined, add it to this list.

I put

leftValuekilocal = ""

The error message disappears but I’m redirected directly to the end of the study