Can't run (and stop) sound component online

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I am planning an online experiment with pavlova and I am stuck with a sound component.
The purpose of sound component is to provide a conditional feedback.
I removed some lines in code component to test this sound problem and give a short beep sound every trial.

The intended sound is a short beep sound for 0.1s,
and the problem is that
1) It is not played at all
and 2) The experiment shuts down when the end time arrives.

I first made a sound component by setting its duration = 0.1, and found out that beep_fb1.stop() did not work.
Then I modified the experiment by setting the duration to none (empty space) and wrote some lines in ‘Each Frame’ tab and ‘End Routine’ tab each time,

if t > beepDur:
print(‘t over beepDur’)
print(‘stop beep’)
continueRoutine = False
print(‘end routine’)

Debugging in pavlova showed ‘t over beepDur’ message only. It was the same whether the lines were in the Each Frame tab or End Routine Tab.
Before ‘t over beepDur’ message, I got ‘The AudioContext is “suspended”. Invoke Tone.start() from a user action to start the audio.’ this message too in yellow line (in safari). In fact, playing sound works well in chrome.
This is my gitlab address…

Can anyone help me with this problem? My advisor is waiting for the data…

ResponseCue_online.psyexp (52.5 KB)