Sound Stimulus is not aligned with Video stimulus


In my experiment, I present audio along with Video stimuli (containing dynamic noise). I defined the duration of the video stimulus the same as the duration of the audio ( that I defined in an excel file). For some reason, the audio is not aligned to the video, such that for some trials, the audio stops in the middle, and the video continues to play, and for other trials, the sound ends, and the video continues to play.

Thank you in advance !

Hi There,

Please could you try some of the following:

  1. What happens if you set ‘duration (s)’ to be a fixed value rather than change every repeat?
  2. What happens if you sync your audio with the screen (tick below ‘hamming window’)
  3. Can you be certain that both movie and audio files are created with the same duration?


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Dear Becca,

Thanks! problem solved:)


Hello Becca,

When I tried to run my study multiple times, it only worked in some attempts. It is almost like the order of the stimuli affect the timings of other stimuli. For example, if sound “X” is presented first, it works fine. However, if the same sound is presented after sound “Y”, it does not work (meaning that the sound stops in the middle and ends the trial).