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Sound error in experiment without sound

Hi, I am using version “StandalonePsychoPy2-1.90.3-win32.exe” and I get the same error even when running just an instruction page (without ANY sound). It starts like this:
“INFO Loaded Soundevice with PortAudio v19.6.0-devel revision ……”
Any help appreciated.
Rgds, Luisa

Could you post the entire message?

I don’t think it is of any consequence for you because a logging message of level ‘INFO’ is not an error message.

Thanks LukasPsy! The full message is:

#######Running: C:\Users|laribeiro\Documents\
0.7783 INFO Loaded SoundDevice with PortAudio V19.6.0-devel, revision 396fe4b6699ae929d3a685b3ef8a7e97396139a4
0.7794 INFO sound is using audioLib:sounddevice

After this message nothing appears, so I cant run the experiment, even if I just include one instruction page.
Thanks, luisa

That is strange, because if I’m not mistaken, this isn’t an error message.
Do the demos run?

No, the demos produce also some script instead of running. I have requested IT support to see if the prorgam was installed correctly. Strange bc other colleagues at the same institution had this version installed without any programs. I will update as soon as I know what happened. Thanks again!

Are it the same logging messages as you posted above?