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Playing sound in the Builder

I recently installed Psychopy on my laptop (Windows), and as a fisrt try I dragged a sound icon at the trial timeline. All settings were devault (A, 1 sec, etc.) I saved this minimal script, clicked Run, and got an error message. Text and image displays worked just fine. Here is the error message:

. Can somneone help how to solve this?

What version of PsychoPy are you using?

It seems like the issue reported and fixed by @hsogo12600:

I think that fix has been incorporated in release 3.0.2:

That may indeed be the problem, I used v3.0.0v13

BTW where can I download the 3.0.2 version, and how stable is it? At it says the most recent version is 3.0.1, as of Jan 2019.

From the second Github link above.

Hey there :slight_smile:
I am facing the same problem. How can I use the version 3.0.2? I am using psychopy through anaconda so before I just typed pip install psychopy but currently on PyPi psychopy package is version 3.0.0

Is there a possibility to install pyschopy 3.0.2 with pip through GitHub?

Hopefully very shortly. Please see:

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