[Solution] Pavlovia Error - Unknown resources

Today, I wanted to upload my experiment files online. I am also getting the error of “unknown resource” when I ran the experiment.

Finally, I set the Output path parameter in the Setting to empty, which will work.

The reason is as follows:

        if not self.exp.htmlFolder:
            script.writeIndentedLines("resources: [\n")
            script.setIndentLevel(1, relative=True)
            code = ""
            for idx, resource in enumerate(resourceFiles):
                temp = "{{'name': '{0}', 'path': '{1}{0}'}}".format(resource, resourceFolderStr)
                code += temp
                if idx != (len(resourceFiles)-1):
                    code += ",\n"  # Trailing comma
            script.setIndentLevel(-1, relative=True)
            script.setIndentLevel(-1, relative=True)

Hi There,

Please may you confirm that you directly edited the JS code to implement this specific issue? In general we recommend the fix to this error is to use experiment settings > online tab > set output path to empty and add any resources required (e.g. images) to the additional resources field.


Yes, I think that it is a bug. After setting output path to empty, it won’t generate ‘html’ folder, which leads to making the online experiment unavailable on the website of Pavlovia.


if you remove “html” it is intentional that the html folder is not created as it will use the resources listed in the :experiment_settings: > Online tab > additional resources (rather than duplicating resources by also sending them to a compiled html folder. What error message do you get if you try to change the status of the project on pavlovia?

Thanks for your reply. I don’t know how to express my question about change the status of the project clearly. Can you help me take a look?

Here’s my project.


You still have an html folder. Please try these steps.