How to Speed Up the Download Speed of an Online Experiment?

Description of the problem:
I’m conducting an online experiment using Pavlovia. The experiment includes around 400 image files, and even after reducing the file sizes, the download speed takes about 3-4 minutes. The lengthy download time is a concern as it might lead to participant dropouts. Is there a way to speed up the download process?
p.s. Whole sizes of image is less than 10MB

Do all participants see all images?

If you use a resource manager component then you could start the download while the participants are reading the instructions. However, if this isn’t long enough then the other option would be to use a code component to download the images in the same order they get presented. This could be achieved by preloading them into a list and then using that list for the prepare resources code and (in the same order) for the trials loop.

All participants see all images…
But I will try this solutions!