Sliders unusable online

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: Sliders that work perfectly locally break when moved to pilot online. Created on version 3.0.6, then remade on 2021.1.2.

The ticks do not appear, instead there is a single line that does not align with the labels, making judgements not possible.
With a range, a judgement can be made, but not with any accuracy:

With a choice, it is not possible at all:

I have fiddled with the appearance etc (e.g. triangle markers), but without success.

Any advice?
Thanks for your help!

The fix for this is in my crib sheet.

Add experimentInit(); to the End Routine tab of code_JS (or possibly later if your routine containing code_JS doesn’t have a duration). sijiazhao

Thank you so much for the quick reply.

That creates a reasonable fix, which is great because I’m pressed for time.
However two problems remain:

  1. the pointers are still the red bars rather than the more understandable arrows
  2. It won’t work for and binary sliders

These are niche problems, but people with better skills than me may be able to tackle them!

I tick triangle markers, so I don’t see sliders like your screenshots.