Slider - variable ticks and labels

I’ve been trying to make the transition from the rating scales to the (more flexible) slider. However, I ran into some hickups along the way (using the builder in v3.06). So hopefully someone can enlighten me on where I’m messing up…

  1. I would like to create variable ‘ticks’ and ‘labels’ based on the condition file (e.g. some questions might have 3 options to choose from, whereas others will have 5, with their corresponding labels). However, I’m having issues making the builder accept the input.

What I have is a routine, with a loop around it with a condition file which has the variables range and label in it (loads just fine). I have tried numerous combinations of using the variable name (range) or $range etc, and multiple formats of the values in the condition file, but it keeps throwing ‘name errors at me’ (while having Ticks 'set every repeat). So what is the right combination of the ‘variable name’ in both the Ticks and Labels field (considering the labels need to be words, not numbers), and what is the right format for these fields in the conditions file?

  1. when using a static slider (e.g. without any variables, but with fixed inputs) the experiment runs just fine, but unless you put a loop around the routine, the data is not stored/saved in the excel file. Now I know there is a debate whether or not you need an excel file, but I tend to like it next to the csv data for readability/quick checks.

Any thoughts?


I’m looking to set Ticks based on the condition file too. Did you ever find a solution?

Hi All,

Yes I noticed that this is a bit trickier than it should be when responding to this post Randomize 2 slider and it might need some development.

Depending on how many sliders you need can you try creating multiple slider routines and selecting which is presented in each loop as described in the linked thread?


Yes, that has been my solution, thanks!