Slider component ticks and labels cannot be "set every repeat"

Hi all,

I’m using a Slider component to represent an x-axis with tick marks. The slider needs to change in size, number of tick marks and labels for each (repeat of a) Routine.

However, while I can use variables to set the ticks and labels, there is no checkbox to “set every repeat” like there is for the layout parameters for instance.

This means I can’t actually set the variables for the ticks and labels anywhere except for in Beginning of Experiment.

Does anyone know a solution for this (other then manually changing it in the code)? I’m building to JS and would prefer not having to do this manually after every change in the builder.

Kind regards!


I think I found it out:

I’m now setting the Slider.ticks and Slider.labels in a Code Component (at Begin Routine), followed by Slider._estimateBoundingBox()

Not sure if this impacts the stored ratings somehow, but I’m not using them anyway.

Thanks for flagging - I wonder if this would be a simple enough functionality to implement! I’ll put it on the list :wink: