Slider label not under correct ticks when full screen

URL of experiment: Pavlovia
psychopy version: v2020.2.9
operating system: macOS Big Sur

Description of the problem:
I have a slider component where I have labels under the ticks as shown (20 ticks, 5 labels):

Essentially, the labels should be at the 0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 tick mark. However, when I run it online and in full screen, the labels don’t seem to be at these locations:

The weird thing is that when I exit full screen mode, the labels go back to normal:

Is there a way to solve this problem? I have created my slider with only the builder view, and only have one custom code component:

//begin routine
slider.markerPos = 10;

Hi there,
I have exactly the same problem. I tried it on both Windows and Mac.
Could you post an update if you find a way to fix this?

I ended up setting individual text components under the labels.

Another wierd thing happened to me:
When I copied the routine with the slider to a new project, the problem disappeared. That is, in the new experiment the labels were at the right position in full screen mode. I did not change anything, just copy and pasted. They remain at the wrong positions in the original experiment however.
How is that possible?