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Hi all,

I am having a few small issues with my stimuli drawn during a response period of my task. I am asking subjects to report the color of a previously viewed stimulus using a continuous report measure, coded in the Builder as a slider component. The issue is that I also have a rectangular PNG image I am presenting on top of the slider, as I want subjects to have a visual representation of the 0-360 degree color space they are choosing between. The image will display at first, but as soon as I select a region on the slider, the slider will be overlaid on top of the PNG image. I tried setting the transparency of the slider to 0, but this only renders it Black. Setting the color to “None” did not fix the problem either. I also tried setting the position of the image to set every frame, and turning on the autodraw(), in the hopes that it would be continually re-drawn over the slider, but this did not work either.

Additionally, I suspect that it is the case that I cannot have a circular continuous response slider with the limitations of the Builder → Pavlovia platform, currently. Is this correct? Ideally with a color space of 0-360 degrees, you’d want a color-wheel type tool for subject response rather than the linear slider. But I do not currently see a way of doing this on Pavlovia.

Thank you so much!