Change of slider style in Pavlovia


I’m trying to change the color of the slider marker using the color marker option in the PsychoPy Builder.
When I get the experiment into Pavlovia, it overrides the color to red, apparently because of the style.

What should I do to get the color as I defined it?


I think this thread should help.

I added the code, but it keeps changing it to red.
Not sure what is going on.

Hi, again.

I’ve tried the option “triangleMarker” to avoid this issue, but there’s a new one.
It works perfectly in PsychoPy, but when uploading it to Pavlovia, It converts the triangle into a big red rectangle that exceeds the slider size.

What should I do now?

Have a look at my interactive slider demo for how I managed to create a customised slider online.

Hi There,

There is currently a bug with marker fill in psychoJS - another work around is detailed in this thread :slight_smile: VESPR Demo Interactive Slider - #2 by Becca

Hope this helps too,

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