Skip routine, based on response

Hi everyone !
I’m using PsychoPy for the first time. I want to skip a specific routine based on participant’s response. I explain the task :

  1. First, verbs appear on the top or on the bottom of the screen (random) -> implicit learning
  2. Second, this is an old/new task so the participant just answer YES (“i have seen the verb previously”) or NO (“i haven’t seen it before”)
  3. In case he answers YES, I need to ask him “Was the verb placed at the top or bottom of the screen?” but if the response is NO, i don’t want this routine to appear

Does anyone have a coding example like this?

Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:
(Sorry for my english, still learning this… :nerd_face:)


I think this movie is the best answer:
At list with such code I managed to skip the following block (not to repeat the ending one)

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