Help needed to skip part of a routine if no keyboard response

PsychoPy version 1.1.2

I’m struggling to figure out how to make my trial skip the last parts of a routine if the participant fails to respond within a 60s time limit. I have an autobiographical memory task that contains 3 trial blocks (loops). Each block contains mostly the same information: trial-specific instructions, trial info (cue word appears and then participant has to press spacebar if they retrieve a memory - set to move on after 60s if no response is received). If the spacebar is pressed within 60s the next screen provides instructions to tell the researcher the memory and then press spacebar to continue. The next few parts of the routine ask the participant to rate the memory across 5 separate questions. Once this is complete the routine begins again with a new cue word (6 routines per block 1 and 2 then 12 for block 3). I am trying to skip the rating questions part of the routine if the participant fails to respond within 60s - instead I’d like the experiment to skip to the next cue word back at the start of the routine. I’ve read lots of forum posts and have tried lots of different code and even a loop but I can’t find any queries identical to mine and none of the solutions I tried worked - I also have pretty much no idea what I am coding as I’ve never tried coding anything before. Is there an easy way for me to skip the last parts of the routine and go straight to the next cue word? I have successfully made this work in E-Prime, using a loop and code, but I’m new to psychopy and don’t know where to start.

I’ve included two screenshots to show the first and second block plus loops.

I hope that makes sense. Any help would be much appreciated.


Try putting the code component at the very top of the component list!

Thanks. I don’t know how exactly to code it to do what I want. The coding component you can see is the coding for the trial routine n repeats from word list.