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Simple Beginner's Question: How to Clone a Pavlovia Demo

I am just starting out, so I forked the demo stoop project in Pavlovia. I tried to then clone it from my forked gitlab project using git clone It then asked me for “’s password:”. I am guessing I took a wrong step and that it is asking me to log into a Pavlovia admin gitlab account. How do I clone my fork properly so that it asks for my password?

Hi There,

I think you want to fork or download rather than clone - this guide might be helpful there.

Hope this helps!

Hi Becca, thank you for your reply!

I actually figured out a solution that allows me to still clone. All I needed to do was use the URL of the gitlab page rather than the .git snippit provided on the page. For example, git clone worked for me.

great! pleased you found a solution