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Show component in only one trial

is there a simple way to show an object (for example, a square or a circle) in a fixed trial number throughout the whole experiment? im trying to make an attentional blindness one, and i want to make it so that its only shown in the 24th trial. I tried making a crude attempt at that by copying the regular routine and including the square, and then i put some code component to make it so that that new kind of trial (which was a carbon copy of the regular one, but with the square added) would only start at 24 reps.
That seemed simple enough, but then i started having trouble with how the data was getting logged, so, my question is, can i make a code that hides the square unless its trial numberr 24 only?

Edit: just made it work, i just had to make a code component to count the number of trials and change the conditional that draws the square so that it would keep that in mind before doing so.

Glad you got it to work :slight_smile:

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