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Shape of dots in RDK

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to realize a RDK with square dots instead of the round ones by default.
So far I have manage to use the ‘element’ argument of visual.DotStim with a square.

win = visual.Window(fullscr=True,monitor='iiyama' ,screen=1,units='deg', allowGUI=False, winType='pyglet',waitBlanking=False)

#Initialize visual objects

square=visual.Rect(win,width=0.23, height=0.23,fillColor=(1,1,1), autoLog=None)

dotPatchUp = visual.DotStim(win, color=(1.0, 1.0, 1.0), dir=270,
    nDots=100, fieldShape='sqr', fieldPos=(0.0, 0), fieldSize=15,dotSize=7,
    dotLife= 5, # number of frames for each dot to be drawn
    signalDots='same',  # are signal dots 'same' on each frame? (see Scase et al)
    noiseDots='direction',  # do the noise dots follow random- 'walk', 'direction', or 'position'
    speed=0.1, coherence=0,ssvep=True,element=square)

trialClock =core.Clock()

while trialClock.getTime() < 5.0:

Two problems thus emerge:
First even if declaring that the units of my window is ‘deg’, it switch back to Default units.
Second, running on Debian, I have to turn waitBlanking=False to have 60 Hz refreshing rate instead of 30Hz. When using element method, the framerate return to 30Hz despite me specifying the correct option.

Looking at how is done I realize that some openGL is at play and I don’t know how to turn round dot into square in this script.

Any suggestions are welcome!