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Setting up psychojs experiments on our own server

Hi, would it be possible to get a timeline on when instructions for running PsychoJS experiments on our own server will become available?

We want to host our own server as we are running a training protocol where participants must complete a short online training session multiple times a day for 2-3 weeks - as you can imagine this quickly becomes very expensive with Pavlovia credits…

Having people make payments is a really critical part in us being able to provide this project with the support it needs. Maybe you could encourage your department to pay for a site license, so that you don’t have to pay per-participant, and we could still pay for staff to keep developing the tools?

Hi Jon, I’d definitely go down that route if I was running this study through my university, but I’m building this set of experiments for a clinician that want to try out some training protocols with their patients. As they are a small practice they aren’t open to purchasing a site licence at this time - hence why I am interested in setting up PsychoJS on their own server where they will only have to pay for their own server costs.

If there was an option to pay per participant (unlimited sessions per participant for a fixed time period, in the case of our protocol 1 month would probably work best) instead of per experiment or for a site licence, they might be more open to that?

I understand you guys have to fund further development - what you are doing with PsychoJS/PsychoPy and Pavlovia is great! :slight_smile:

I’m very interested in your project actually (the other thing my uni cares about is demonstrations that our work is used beyond academia). I’ll mail you so we can try and think up a model that’s suitable for your case.