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Set Every Repeat a different movie win 7 psychopy v 2020.1.3

OS Win7:
PsychoPy version v2020.1.3
Standard Standalone Yes

I am trying to load different movies for each trial, setting the movie every repeat from a variable in the list. Everything goes well with a laptop windows 10, but when I move the experiment on the experimental laptop (dell window 7) psychopy got stuck at the beginning of the experiment. It doesn’t seems to be the format of the video or the weight of the file. I don’t really understand why it doesn’t works on the windows 7 Dell laptop.
Any suggestions?


How old is the Windows 7 laptop, and what kind of spec is it? If it’s a very old / low spec laptop it may just not be able to handle the video.

Windows 7 stopped updating its graphics drivers some time ago now, so it could also be that. You could try the method described here:

but there’s a good chance there’s no functioning driver for your hardware on Windows 7 out there