Set cue locations (onscreen and offscreen)

Hey, I have a procedure where the stimulus shows up in one of 4 possible locations - information about this is taken from a .csv file where I have the x, y parameters. Now I would like to add a cue to that. The cue would appear in 4 variants:

  1. cue at this point where the stimulus will later appear
  2. cue in the center (fixation point)
  3. no cue
  4. a cue that appears at the same time in 4 possible locations of the stimulus (4 cues at once).

Since I am just starting my adventure with programming, I have a problem with that. I will be grateful for your help and hints on how to code it to make these cues appear like that. Especially, I don’t know how to define a cue in 4 locations and how to loop it.

Hi There,

It sounds like you would want to also have that in your .csv file, something like the attached. Would this work?
conditions.xlsx (9.3 KB) cue_locations.psyexp (12.2 KB)

Also I think this question might be better suited to the builder category as it related to how to use conditions files - so I have recatagorized :slight_smile: