Help with stimuli appearing in the wrong place

conditions.xlsx (8.4 KB)
letter-search.psyexp (27.4 KB)

I have attached the experiment to make this a bit easier.

I am showing either 1, 3, 5 or 7 dots on a screen. They then disappear, and a single dot will return. This dot either matches the position of a previous dot, or is somewhere random. I have a conditions file which currently shows in a sequence of same,same,same, different, different, different for each of the n of dots.

The issue I am having is that sometimes during a “same” trial, the probe dot is appearing in a random place, I also get a similar issue in the “different” trials, where it appears in a “same” position instead. Additionally, sometimes the dot just shows in the centre of the screen.

I have attached the code below which draws the shape the second time, which might help.

if probePres == 'y':
    if nDistractors > 1:

elif probePres == 'n':
    elements[0].setPos([positions[0][0], positions[0][1]])
    if nDistractors > 1:
        for Idx in range(1,nDistractors):
            elements[Idx].setPos([positions[Idx][0], positions[Idx][1]])

Thanks for any help