Serial Component "unrecognised inputType "int""

PsychoPy version 2022.2.5

Hi, I’m running into the same issues seen here and here.

Whenever I click to edit any aspect of the serial component, psychopy freezes for about 15 seconds before displaying the error:

8619.4646     WARNING     Parameter baudrate has unrecognised inputType "int"
8619.4657     WARNING     Parameter bytesize has unrecognised inputType "int"
8619.4669     WARNING     Parameter stopbits has unrecognised inputType "int"

What’s weird is that my triggers work and I haven’t needed to use code components, I’m just wondering if anyone has successfully gotten rid of the error, as it’s a little annoying to have to wait 15 seconds whenever i want to edit or check something in the properties window.

What did you try to make it work?:
-Adding $ to the beginning of the values

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
still getting the error


Hi there @elise1,

Could you please provide a screenshot of the basic tab of your serial port component?

Thanks so much,


Hi Kimberley,

here it is: