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Senior Computer Science students adding a DAF module to Psychopy


For our groups senior capstone project we have worked on creating a delayed auditory feedback program for a researcher at our school. He is a Psychopy user and one of our end goals is to get our code integrated into Psychopy so he will easily be able to use it.

We are finally at the point where we have our program and would like to begin work to bring it into Psychopy. We want to make sure we do everything correctly, so posting here is a good first step for us.

We are going to begin work on our own fork soon. Please post here for any info we should know, things to keep in mind, style conventions, etc.

Thank you and have a great day

Hi @jchud, here is a link to the developers guidelines for contributing to the PsychoPy library. Btw, the best timing (accuracy and precision) is provided by the Psychtoolbox audio engine (see publication).

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I think developing a plugin will be the better option for you, something that you will be able to do very soon.
Plugins allow third-party developers to extend PsychoPy without modifying an existing installation’s files. There will be a lot of documentation and guides for creating plugins, and you can pretty much do any thing with them.

You can see an example here of what a plugin will look like once the system becomes live.

You can distribute plugins like any other Python package. When loaded, the code your plugin adds works like it was part of PsychoPy. You can even specify plugins to load automatically on startup.

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