Sending triggers from Psychopy to TRACKPixx via parallel port

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up PsychoPy (Windows 10/Python 3) with an TRACKPixx eyetracker but I am unable to send triggers through parallel port.

Calibration works correctly and so does the task.
However, in the eyetracker data output the DigitalIN data column only indicates the number “43”, which does not correspond to my triggers.

Perhaps the problem is setting the parallel port address, but how can I find out this address?
I tried different things like looking at the Device Manager, to get the physical address of the parallel port.
Similarly, inside the experiment folder I have placed “inpout64”, but my triggers do not work either.

I don’t know if anyone who has experience with this type of eyetracker could give me any more clues, I really appreciate any help!