Sending stimulus markers for EEG

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to design a task in PsychoPy and simultaneously record EEG data (using SystemPlus Evolution). However, as I try to send different stimulus markers to EEG data while presenting different stimuli (such as sending marker 1 for stimulus type A and sending 2 for stimulus type B) using code button, nothing has been working. I’ve been able to send the first marker (let’s call it 1) but when I try to send a second one either nothing happens or when I change the code, it sends all 1 and nothing else for every kind of stimuli (I’m 100% sure the problem is not with my EEG recording application, it has been working perfectly for different purposes/with different applications.)

Has anyone conducted a similar kind of experiment/succesfully sent different markers for different kind of stimuli while using PsyhchoPy with EEG? Or does anyone know anything that could help?

Thank you all in advance!