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Sending Signal pulse from MacBook

Hi everyone, I’m running an experiment based on reaction time but to be able to measure the reaction time I need to be able to know when the event started (i.e. when the space bar was pressed). In addition, this key press timing needs to be able to be output to a software that is measuring the position of the person’s arm.

SO in essence, what I need is a way to track the timing of the press of a “space” button during each trial (140 trials) and a way to output that information.

I am working with a MacBook.

The PsychoPy keyboard component gives you this automatically (but be sure to use a version > 3.2.0 to get the advantages of the latest, most accurate reaction time measurement). NB the reaction time measurement may be accurate and precise but your keyboard might not be. i.e. the software can’t fix issues due to the hardware.

There are well-nigh an infinite number of ways that two pieces of software can communicate with each other. You need to look up the documentation for that recording software and find out what sort of messaging protocol (hardware and software) that it expects. We simply can’t even begin to help without that information.