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How can I measure reaction time in milliseconds?


Hi everyone!

I want to compare visual and auditory reaction times. First we will ask participants to press space when they see a specific picture between several pictures. Every picture will be shown for 2 seconds and the time will be calculated when that specific picture is shown till the participant press space in milliseconds. Please tell me that can I do it with a normal PC?(I don’t want the exact time, I just want to compare them.) and what function I should use to measure reaction time in milliseconds?
PsychoPy v1.8

Thanks in advance


Yes you can do that with a normal PC, in fact you can do it with just about any PC.

Check out the tools for handling time recording and time computations in numpy.


Hi Sam,

I understand that PsychoPy gives your response data in seconds.

In the Builder, to obtain your data in milliseconds, just add a Code component at the begining of your Routine, and in the End Routine window insert the following line:

thisExp.addData('StimuliResp.RT in ms', StimuliResp.rt * 1000)

where “StimuliResp” is the name for your object to respond to the stimuli (e.g., keyboard; the “in ms” note is useful to distinguish this variable in your data sheet).

Good luck with your experiment!



Hi Fer
I appreciate your help. It worked.


Great, Sam!

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Good luck with your experiment!