Send same trigger to EyeLink and EEG

Hi everyone,

I am setting up an experiment that involved EyeTracking with an EyeLink system and concurrent EEG. I am currently testing the task with just eye tracking. For this, I am sending messages to the hdf5 file with a simple line: ioServer.sendMessageEvent(text=“myTriggerName”).

However, now I want to add EEG to it. I think it makes the most sense to send the triggers through the parallel port, but I am wondering what the best way would be to send the same trigger to eyelink and also EEG.
Currently, I am using the hdf5 file for the eye data, but I could also use the EDF file from eyelink, where the triggers would be recorded. How is this best done? Split my parallel port?

Im thankful for any suggestions on the topic!