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Selecting sequential rows per iteration in a loop

OS MacOS mojave
PsychoPy version 3.1.2
**Standard Standalone? y
What are you trying to achieve?:

I have a .xlsx file text I use to get text stimuli within an inner loop - the loop is conditionally triggered based on participant responses.

There are 6 such inner loops and one outer loop that loops 8 times. Each inner loop is triggered by wether the participant presses 1-2-3 and so forth

I’m trying to get the responses to appear sequentially based on participant responses, so if the participant call “1” the first row is selected and shown on that inner loop as text stimuli, then if the participant selects 1 again during the next loop (outer), he is shown the next row, but if he selects say “2” and then it should present him with the text stimuli with the correct sequential position of “2” (depending on if he has pressed “2” before etc)

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:

I have made the inner loop & outer loop type as sequential - but only row 1 is being chosen on every loop.

Any help appreciated, working on my masters dissertation and extremely new to psychopy.