Selecting different rows per iteration in a loop - updated advice?


I’ve been trying to figure out how to select specific rows (rows 2 to 5 in iteration one, 6 to 9 in iteration two etc. in my case) and have only found this post to help:

It seems that the advice on that post no longer works with the current version of PsychoPy/some of the links have expired. Any advice is appreciated!


this might do the trick. See the flow of a toy-experiment:

The Text-component simply displays a number (stim) read from the Excel file SelectedRows.xlsx".

Numbers range from 0 to 9.


The trials loop iterates over the rows specified in the Selected Rows parameter using the variable useRows.


I set the loopType to sequential just for testing. useRows is set in the code-component codeRow of the routine setRow. Add the following code to the Begin routine tab of the code-component

if block.thisRepN == 0:
    useRows = '2:5'
elif block.thisRepN == 1:
    useRows = '6:9'

You may want to initialise useRows in the Begin Experiment tab.

useRows = '0:2'

Set the loopType of the block-loop to sequential and the number of repetitions to 2.


Best wishes Jens

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This worked, thank you so much for your help!