Selecting multiple answers in form

Hi all,
In a form component, I am trying to make multiple answers possible when selecting the choice type of response (radio buttons).
So far, when selecting an option, the previously selected option is overwritten.
Form is still in beta, but maybe someone has found a workaround this?
Thanks for your help!

PS: This topic is not new, I am trying to bring it back on the table :smiley:

Try check instead of radio

Hi Wakecarter!
Thanks for your fast response and sorry for my late answer.
I do not understand your message, can you tell me a bit more please?

Maybe I can also elaborate on my first message:
I use the form component for which I provide a xls file as from the template. In the ‘type’ column of the file, I entered ‘choice’. Then in ‘options’ I entered different selection propositions.
My problem is that ‘choice’ only offers the users to select one of the options, when I want them to be able to select several. Do you know how to circumvent this? Or should I use something else than the form component (I hope not though :slight_smile: ).

Thanks a lot for your time and help!

Hi Eva,

Did you ever find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue.

Hi Jessica,
Unfortunately not, sorry.
I guess the solution will be to code it eventually.
Have a nice day!