Select one specific line from excel file in each routine

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working on an experiment where participants watch a video that has some specific sound (for example - screaming), and then they hear some similar sound (in a different tone).
The sound they hear immediately after watching the video is randomly selected from an Excel spreadsheet of different tones of that sound.
Then, they have up and down buttons, and they have to press “up” to raise the sound in half a tone (then hear it again) or press “down” to lower the sound in half a tone (and also, hear again)
When they get to a sound that they think is most similar to what they heard in the video, they press a submit button and move on to the next video.

I am having difficulty with the implementation of this experiment. I wanted to ask how I can save the choice of the sound that the participants made, and if they clicked “up” to play the sound in the column above the voice they chose in the excel file, and if they clicked “down” the one below, until they decide what choice they want to make, And move on to the next video.
Sounds can be played twice or more.

My main difficulty in each routine is to take only one column from the excel, and that I select the column from which the video was taken.

Note that the excel file is sorted by tones.
Thank you,

Do you have a different set of sounds for each video? Can you name them systematically.

For example, if someone sees video1 then perhaps you have tone1_1, tone1_2 through to tone1_20

You could then select a random starting point and move up and down the todays just by changing the digit.

Hi, thanks so much for the reply. I’m new to the whole thing.
Yes, I have a set of sounds for each video,
can you please specify where I am supposed to change the digit so that it makes the desired sound according to the user’s click?
I currently have an Excel spreadsheet for the videos and a separate one for the sounds, do you mean I should consolidate them?
thanks again

To clarify.

On each trial the participant watches one video
Then they hear a related sound at a random tone
Then they use the up and down arrows to play higher and lower tones
Then they submit their chosen tone.

Do you just need to record their chosen tone, or all the choices they made?

This sounds like quite an interesting paradigm. I’d be happy to make a demo if you send me the video and sounds for one trial (that you’d be happy for me to share publicly).

Exactly, only in each experiment the participants perform the process you mentioned several times (ie watch several videos for each experiment and adjust the sound for them)

As for the documentation - it would be convenient if the whole selection process of the participants was documented, but for a start the last selection will also really help.

I will make videos and sound files for you in the coming days and send them to you, as at the moment it is problematic to post here those that will be part of the experiment.
How to send to you?

Thank you again

I think the demo is now done.

Tone Selection code | try it | discussion thread

In this demo a video is played from a spreadsheet, followed by a random related sound. The set of sound files are loaded on the fly using prepareResources. The participant can then step through the sounds until they reach the one that matches the one in the original video. A bug in PsychoPy online sometimes prevents repetition of the same sound file, so in this demo the lowest and highest sounds alternate between two identical files instead of playing the same version twice.

Thank you! I’m having a problem running it on my computer, I’ve seen the bug I’ve encountering requests in another forum but the solution does not work for me. Anyway I will write there. Thank you very much it helps me a lot.

(this is the bug I mentioned - visual.Window() error)