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Seeking programmer for multi-national psychology project

Hi all,

I’m a psychology postdoc at Université Grenoble Alpes leading a large collaboration investigating links between physical temperature and various social psychological phenomena. We’re seeking someone with PsychoPy and Python experience to implement our planned study.

During the study, participants will wear an EmbrWave – a new device that warms up and cools down on your wrist – while they complete a number of social psychology questionnaires. We will also evaluate the efficacy of the EmbrWave in manipulating perceived temperature. A full description of the procedure can be found here:

We will provide an EmbrWave to you, as well as instructions for wirelessly controlling the device from PC (via BLE) with Python commands. Your task would be to implement the questionnaires in PsychoPy and embed these commands to control the EmbrWave at the right places. I suspect this is not very technically difficult, but we’d like someone with prior experience to lead the programming.

We have funds available to pay you, and we can also discuss co-authorship on the resulting publication. We’re aiming to have the programming finished by October 1.

Interested folks can email me at for more info.


I’ll get in touch. I was planning to deprecate this section and flag that the PsychoPy team can now do official consultancy work directly as Open Science Tools Ltd.

I’m not sure we could do it by 1st Oct though! :-/