Screenshot with loops


I’m trying to adapt one of my experiment to psychopy. Basically, I show participants pictures and they get to draw over those pictures. I was already able to get the pictures and the brush n psychopy, but I want to be able to save the drawning as jpg files. I tried using win.getMovieFrame and win.saveMovieFrames but I get several jpg files, not only the screenshots of the drawnings. Does anyone know how can I solve this?

Having a call to win.getMovieFrame() on the “each frame” tab means you would (typically) be collecting an image 60 times per second. Try shifting that code to the “End routine” tab as well, so you just get the final frame from the trial.

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Hi Michael,
it worked perfectly. Thank you so much!!

Hi Michael,
you helped a lot last time and I’m wondering if you could help me again.
Instead of using full screen for this experiment, I’m using window size [1366, 768].
When I put it on full screen, the image looks perfect but when I change the window size, the image look like this.
Do you have any idea of what can be happening?

Please make a new topic (this one has been marked as “solved” so it won’t come to many people’s attention. Also provide more details - e.g. we don’t know what this should look like, nor why you are not running in full-screen mode (which is really not recommended).