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Saving online data- 'pilot' mode

URL of experiment: multiple

Description of the problem: Yesterday data from experiments I was piloting were saving online, today when you come to the end of the experiment a ‘Save as’ box comes up in file explorer to save data from the session that has just been run, but no data are saved online. Is this a new feature that applies only while in pilot mode so to allow us to check data output but avoid confusion in the online datasets, or is this something I need to fix?


Experiments in pilot mode should not have been saving the data online (since the beginning of the month when credits became compulsory).

Studies in pilot mode should present the experimenter with the option to save the data locally, so they can check the data is as they expected, but it isn’t intended that people would collect genuine data this way (you need to be in running mode for that). So the puzzle for me is why it was saving pilot data for you before yesterday! :-/

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Ok, great - that makes sense and I’m glad it isn’t something I need to fix! Thanks for clarifying!

Perhaps it wasn’t saving yesterday when I thought it was and I was just exiting the browser before the ‘save as’ option opened… my approach isn’t as systematic as it could be! I have some .csv files that appeared in my data folder without me saving locally yesterday (and from earlier this month), but on closer examination it appears that they don’t wish to open 'Microsoft Excel cannot access…possible reasons…the file name or path does not exist ’ so may not be true files? Perhaps these ghost files appear if you exit before reaching the end of the task?

Thanks for your speedy help, as always :slight_smile:

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