Same Image Sizing, Different Image Display

I’m having an issue with the sizing that an image displays. I have two routines within a loop. In the first routine participants enter their answer. In the second, they receive feedback.

The background image for both trials is the same.

But when I view these on Pavlovia , the sizing is different. This only occurs in full screen mode.

I’ve attached a screen recording demonstrating what happens.


Are you using visual angle as the unit? I think that’s the best way to ensure consistency across monitors - though I may be wrong

Thanks Oli.

The unit is currently height.

But the problem I’m experiencing isn’t related to consistency across monitors. It is that the same image, with the same size, on the same monitor, displays differently in different routines.

How does the problem change when you change the units? If you attach the .psyexp file for the experiment I’ll have a look in more detail

I’ll take a look and report back. But here is the file in the meantimeKUGEL2020_3.6.psyexp (326.1 KB)

I think this problem only happens if you change the size of the browser window during the experiment.

Please let me know if you find anything @TParsons

Ah I see, in that case it might be something to do with the PsychoJS library rather than how the JS experiment file is compiled… @sotiri do you have any idea what this could be?

Absolutely, no problem, let me have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @JKugel, sorry to hear you are having issues getting your online experiment to work as intended. Would it be possible to link to a live version of your study the screen recording came from? I tried uploading the .psyexp you sent over, but there is some error to do with the ‘feedback9’ text stimulus value that prevents me from being able to further investigate the background image situation you describe. Or if you could just share with me the HTML export you get from PsychoPy that should also help me get to the root of the problem much faster. Thank you!

Hi @sotiri, If I send you the link will that consume my credits on Pavlovia? In the meantime, here is the latest version of the task, which seems to be working well on Pavlovia (apart from the issue mentioned here). COINTASK2020_4.20.psyexp (353.8 KB)
Thanks so much!

Hey @JKugel, no problem, thanks for the updated .psyexp, I appreciate your patience while I look into this. To answer your question, I believe no credits are spent if your study is in pilot mode :blush:

Hey @JKugel, many thanks for holding. No question the issue you have spotted and kindly taken the time to report is real, but I cannot, for the life of me, seem to be able to get this to run at all? It appears that certain variable declarations are missing?

I have added a credit free fork below that you should be able to access and post changes to. Please, could you double check the .psyexp you sent will export an online experiment that showcases the sizing inconsistencies you mention?

Thanks, I remain on standby to help facilitate your design once I have a better picture of what the problem is,