RuntimeError: Could not load video frame data

Hi everyone! I’m having some trouble using videos. This code runs well on my mac, but when it’s on Windows it reports ‘RuntimeError: Could not load video frame data.’ I have installed vlc and required python-vlc package.
I used MovieStim2. If I created a MovieStim in the builder using the same video, it automatically uses MovieStim. If I change the MovieStim2 to MovieStim in the code, it can’t even run.

If anyone has any insight, I would be super grateful.

截屏2022-12-02 21.21.20

What kind of movie file are you using? Since this only happens on Windows my first guess is that you are using a format that Windows doesn’t generally like, such as .mov.

If not, you could try MovieStim3 or VlcMovieStim and see if that does any better, but in general this kind of error usually means a problem with the video file itself rather than the code.