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Running Port Commands via CMD (windows10)

We’re trying to run the commands via command line for parallel (to trigger EEG marking for the readings) – but we’re having a set of issues:

We can properly get it to trigger via the psychopy GUI – but the GUI causes our experiment to lag tremendously. (so we’re trying to test the trigger commands via command window – I.E. :

import psychopy (this works)
from psychopy import parallel (this works)
-- we can now get object functions to appear (setPin, setPortAddress, etc.)

The problem now is that we cannot get the portaddress to be set to anything other than “None”.

To preface: We have InpOut32 (in all folders of the projects and even the areas we’re testing with the command line targeting the directory with the .dll files) -

we can trigger properly through the psychopy gui however we cannot get code to properly trigger in a script. (one error being “the port address needs to be set via setPortAddress” – we used the function setPortAddress (even went in to have it print out what the port is after setting it) and it remains to be “None”.

Other functions are callable, such as parallel.setPin(3,0) - however that gives out an error related to the fact that it cannot run based on a “None”.

we have tried modern functions, as well as legacy ones with the same errors.

when in our command window - we run "regsvr32 /u inpout32 (as an admin) and we’ve tried with the 64 version as well - but we get: “the module inpout32 may not compatible with the version of windows…”

Has anyone gotten parallel commands working via code to work on Windows 10?