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Convery psychopy code to js in order to use pavlovia

Hi have a Python code of an experiment.
Is there a way to convert it js JS or build somehow to run it online using pavlovia?
Or do I must write it from stretch in JS to use pavlovia?

Converting a Python script automatically is somewhere between very hard and impossible (depending on the script).

If you create your experiment in Builder and just insert code components where you need to do custom things (which is the approach we strongly recommend for all users anyway) then you won’t have very much to convert and auto-conversion also becomes possible (the first version of that auto-convert mechanism will be in the next release).

OK , I wrote the experiment using Python API and not the builder so I guess I have to write from stretch in JS.

To reiterate, no, I recommend you don’t write it from scratch in JS.

Create it in Builder. Then you can target either option and not have to write very much code at all. With the added bonus that in a few years time you and others in your lab will still understand your experiment (from its graphical abstraction).