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Run a psychopy trial

When I have created a program in Psychopy (v2021.1.4) only instructions are running, not the whole program. What should I do? I am new in Psychopy. I use builder.

That’s not a lot of information to go on.

However, perhaps the issue is with the definition of your trials loop. What are the nReps, selected rows (if any) and conditions file?

nReps are 5. No selected rows. I think the problem lies in the condition file. I want to run sound file, and asked the participants to comprehend the sound type. Here stimuli is sound clip and response is whether it is “request” or “question”. So I made the condition file such as: one column for name “sounds” and another “type”. Under the type there are 5 sound clips, and under “type” there two options mentioned above. Saved as .xlsx in the same folder. But it does not work properly.

Do you mean the file names or embedded sounds?

file names