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Playing rows from another condition file at regular interval

Hello there

I am using Psychopy Builder.

I have several condition files. ‘Condition_file_1’ , ‘Condition_file_2’, ‘Condition_file_3’ and ‘Condition_file_4’ [all of them have experiment trials,they are simply different counter balanced conditions]. They have 24 rows each. I wanted to select one of these condition files up front.
I found information from this page very useful!msg/psychopy-users/GMP6hF2ACuQ/dqwIrPw0DwAJ and achieved this by using $expInfo[‘blockFile’].

I also have another condition file called ‘Condition_file_Filler’ [has filler trials]. It has 12 rows. Both the experimental and filler files have same column titles, thus simply interchangeable.

The inner loop at the moment has ‘Condition_file_1’ and the outer loop has ‘Condition_file_Filler’. By default, psychopy starts to play the rows in the innerloop followed by outerloop.

What I want ?

I want one row (order can be random or sequential, it doesn’t matter) from ‘Condition_file_Filler’ to be presented after every two rows from ‘Condition_file_1’.

Any suggestion about how to achieve this?