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I used Line Components to draw Müller-Lyer figure in this demo experiment and noticed that behavior of “Orientation $” parameter is different between local (i.e. python) experiment and online experiment. In local experiment, positive orientation results in clockwise rotation. On the other hand, in online experiment, positive orientation results in counter-clockwise rotation. I had to use Code Component to deal with this inconsistency.

Is this rotation direction inconsistency intended behavior? Or, is it a bug? I’m planning to write a document of how to build Pavlovia experiment and want to know whether this behavior will be modified in the near future or not.

Hi there Hiroyuki. Thanks for letting us know. That’s likely to be a bug.

For PsychoPy I chose to go with the “clock” standard rather than the engineering standard of polar coordinates. This is actually one break with convention that I probably regret, but I suspect the difference with PsychoJS is that it has reverted to traditional counter-clockwise orientations

@apitiot could you check/amend it? Thanks

Thank you for your reply. Maybe counter-clockwise rotation would have some advantages, but I have no problem with clockwise rotation :wink:

I have a related problem with the online version of my task. Not only the rotation of images and polygons appears counter-clockwise in Pavlovia (that’s the lesser issue, to me), but the clickable area associated with the image/polygon stimulus remains unrotated. I need some clickable bars, but when I set them diagonally the clickable area doesn’t follow the rotation of the bar.
Here’s my issue:

Clickability of rotated images and polygons

I cannot work out how to fix it. Does anyone know what is going on? Thank you.