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Orientation in psychoJS is reversed (version 2021.2.3)

Hi all

Short description of the problem:
I’m using builder (version 2021.2.3) to prepare an experiment that will run online. Orientation of stimuli in psychoJS is reversed, compared with orientation in PsychoPy.

More details
I’m aware that in the past psychoJS was using engineering convention for orientation (positive values rotate counter-clockwise), but it was corrected recently to match the clock convention used in PsychoPy (positive values rotate clockwise).

However, when run online the experiment positive values still rotate counter-clockwise. This persists even though i pushed other changes to GitLab after recompiling the experiment (in line with this thread).

This behavior occurs also when i generate a mock experiment with nothing but a text component and run it in a local debug mode. I’m running Firefox (latest update installed) on Windows 10.

Things I’ve tried but didn’t work:

  • Forcing ‘use version’ - latest, 2021.2.3 or 2021.1.0 (the one in which the correction mentioned above was made).
  • Refreshing/Deleting cache on Pavlovia.
  • Removing PsychoPy and reinstalling.

I was wondering if someone else run into that as well, and how they managed to solve it.