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Reusing stimuli as templates?

I’m trying to create an RSVP experiment using the Builder (for later export to a web experiment). This means there are a lot of items in one trial. When I copy and past a text stimulus item in the Flow view, it seems to be a reference copy, i.e., when I change the copy, the original also changes. This means I need to edit many properties for each item, which is a pain (and I can’t do it in a text editor, because that’s a one way street, right?). Is there a way to copy such that the copy inherits the properties of the original, but the original is not changed if I edit the copy?

Copying and pasting a component within the Builder view should generate a fresh copy I thought (i’ll have to look into that if it isn’t).

There is actually another trick though, which is that the Builder experiment is stored internally as an XML (text) file so you can actually edit the Builder representation directly in a decent text editor (e.g. VS Code, or Notepad++ but not Notepad!)

Be careful with that of course, if you add an error to the text file then PsychoPy won’t be able to load it again, but it is one way to make changes to the Builder experiment directly for advanced, careful use.

In the builder, at least in my case it wasn’t. Thanks, I will try editing the XML then! In fact I just did, worked like a charm.