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Retrieving images from a CSV file

I buit an experiment in the builder in an older version of Psychopy and now when I run it on version 2021, it stops in the first loop. In this loop, I present stimuli sequentially from a CSV file. Do I specify the column in the CSV file by using the $ sign and the name of the column? I wonder if I need to use the whole directory to retrieve the image. Or maybe I need to compile it to Python? Thank you.

Hi @doritse,

It would help if you could upload your experiment or provide us with some screenshots of the relevant parts. The error message might also help.


Thank you for your response. This actually was resolved. I do have a question though regarding the button box. Do I need to install anything or add a code to use a button box? I tried connecting the box and I get a message saying: “USBBox is not defined”. How do I define it?
Thank you! Dorit

@doritse: Glad to hear this has been resolved. In the future, you might want to briefly explain how the issue was resolved or delete your post.

With regard to the button box issue, I would recommend to start a new topic.