Some manipulations in the test phase of memory experiment

Hello all,
I am going to create a memory experiment procedure. All participants are required to finish a test immediately after the learning phase, 6 hours later and 3 days later. Therefore, how to divide the stimulus pictures into three equal parts and then test them with randomization? Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.
Best wishes, Cheer.

It isn’t easy to record the stimuli a participant has seen and select from unseen stimuli in later sessions. However, you can use Selected rows.

For example, if you had 30 trials you could do the following using participant and session.


if counterbalance==1:
elif counterbalance==2:

where you have 30 rows to split into three batches of 10.

This should have even participants going CBA, BAC or ACB and odd participants going ABC, BCA or CAB.

Hello wakecarter,

Thanks for your help sincerely! I am still a little bit confused. I am going to provide more detailed infromation about my experiment. I still have several problems about the testing phase that I don’t know how to deal with. Hoping for your suggestions.
1.In the testing phase, participants are required to choose the learned pictures in four simultaneous presenting pictures, which can be correspondingly attributed into four response categories(“correct-correct”,“correct-incorrect”,“incorrect-correct”,“incorrect-incorrect”). For example, the previously presented picture named “Images/apple/e1_s1.JPG”, and it belongs to category"correct(exemplar)-correct(state)". Correspondingly, the picture “Images/apple/e1_s2.JPG” belongs to category “correct(exemplar)-incorrect(state)”;the picture “Images/apple/e2_s1.JPG” belongs to category “incorrect(exemplar)-correct(state)”;the picture “Images/apple/e1_s2.JPG” belongs to category “incorrect(exemplar)-incorrect(state)”.
As the learning pictures are randomly picked, it’s crucial to define the rest three pictures into the rest three categories. I am not sure how to make a classification(by means of codes or condition file) and then reference these variable.

2.I have recorded the thisPic(correct-correct) in the data file. I just have vague thoughts that perhaps I can make use of the thisPic to split into three batches. I hope to obtain a more clear guidance.

The following is my data file:
_Exp1_2021_Apr_08_1549.csv (66.3 KB)

This problem is too complicated for me. Really need your help. Thanks sincerely.
Best wishes, Cheer.