Results are not saved although participants complete the experiment

URL of experiment:Lexical_Decision_List_C [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: In the last sessions, the results of 7 participants were not recorded. When I download the results in CSV files, there were no new results files. The participants have finished the experiment correctly until the “Thank you” screen.

A few days earlier the experiment ran OK and results were saved with no problems. I have not changed anything in the experiment since then.
The results of the 7 participants were not registered and the credits were not consumed.
When I run the experiment on my computer i get results and credit, as expected, even though i stop the experiment in the middle by pressing ESC.

Also, the “Save incomplete results” option is tagged.

How can i retrieve the lost results? this is of course very important to me. I cannot lose data like this…

Hi Tamar,
I had the same issue. In fact, for a few months now, Pavlovia has not saved the results in CSV files, either completed or not (valuable data for me). Is there anyone that could help us?
Thanks in advance,

Are you asking participants to use ESC to end the experiment?

Partial data saving doesn’t always work, for example if the participant closes the tab instead of (or too soon after) pressing escape.

In my experience, if there is no log file then the data can’t be retrieved.

There is no CSV file if you switch to saving as Database.