Response time results on Stroop test showing up as nonsensical scientific e notation in Excel instead of real numbers

We’re 3 students doing a project where we used the Stroop test that comes with PsychoPy. We seperately tested 2 individuals each, for 2 of us the response time shows up normally in the .xlsx and the .csv file, like 0.754646 seconds or 0.89594029 seconds for example, but for one person the response time results shows up as “2,34E+14”, 1,60E+15 , 1,84E+16 etc. We have a hard figuring out wether for example 2,34E+14 is supposed to represent 0.234 seconds or 2.34 seconds or something else, we can’t really go and change the Settings and test the individuals again so we’re hoping someone here can help us convert it

2.34E14 means 23400000000000000

I suspect that it isn’t your reaction time.

Yeah exactly, we were wondering if this is a regular output from PsychoPy and you can somehow decipher which ones are below 1 second and which ones above

For anyone wondering, we figure this problem came about because the experiment somehow didn’t put in the decimal point so it removed the 0 at the start whenever the result was under 1 second, so we just had to guess which ones were under 1 and which ones above. For example we find it unlikely someone has their response time to be 0.2 seconds, so thats most likely 2.x seconds, and something starting with 8 is most likely 0.8

That’s very odd. Please could you send me your psyexp file or add me as a developer so I can take a look? Was it run offline or online?